RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland


Our November 11, 2020 Executive Meeting Minutes are posted under the Executive, Luncheon & AGM Meetings tab found above!

Our Fall 2020 Applepress is posted under the Applepress tab found above!


A message from your Political Advocacy, Goodwill and Foundation Chairs:


Loneliness is a feeling – Social Isolation is a fact both are real for 33% of Canadians. About 25% say they don’t have anyone to share their thoughts and feelings. (Renaissance, 2019). There’s a good chance we all know someone who lives with isolation and loneliness most days of their life...maybe every day.

District 30 Northumberland hopes you will participate in a simple action that will help others feel included and supported, and, encourage them to do the same for someone else. By participating, you will become part of a collective action that will shine a light on Social Isolation and offer opportunities for Social Engagement, for lonely Seniors.


For example:

  • Commit to making one phone call a week to anyone you know is alone. Encourage others to do likewise

  • Become a Buddy – check in regularly with someone who is alone

  • Be a Pen Pal – write a note


Reach out to assist a Senior by:


  • Picking up prescriptions or groceries

  •  Offering to go for a walk

  • Community Care has an “Adopt a Grandparent” program you can join by calling 905-653-1411 or email (n.taylor@commcare.ca).


While making contact with lonely or isolated seniors, did you hear, experience or learn something that you would like to share with others in the District? For example, a strategy, a speaker, an act of kindness, political advocacy or any other lesson you learned and would recommend? You can send your ideas to president30@districts.rtoero.ca.


Message from President, Mark Fallis

The following link will take you to a Council of Canadians petition supporting action on many of the senior's issues supported by RTOERO District 30.  We encourage members to sign this petition in support of many of the issues for which RTOERO is advocating.

In the future, we will be posting information on petitions and advocacy for senior issues and how you can become involved on our website.

Thank you,

Mark Fallis,

President, District 30



Click here to see our RTOERO Strategic Plan 2025!


At the RTOERO annual meeting on Oct. 20, elections were held for the board of directors, in accordance with our by-law.


RTOERO board of directors for 2020-21:


Jackie Aird, re-elected to three-year term

Martha Foster

Louise Guérin, re-elected to three-year term

Martin Higgs

Bill Huzar, re-elected to three-year term

David Kendall

Claudia Mang

Gayle Manley

Rich Prophet


New board elects chair and vice-chair


On Oct. 21, the newly elected board of directors elected the chair and vice-chair to serve for the two-year term of 2020-2022:


Rich Prophet, chair

Bill Huzar, vice-chair


The recording of the complete 2020 Annual Meeting held on October 20 is now available.


Click here to watch the recording of the 2020 RTOERO virtual Annual Meeting.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our Fall 2020 Luncheon has been cancelled!


Our Spring 2020 Applepress is posted under the Applepress tab found above and our Fall 2020 Applepress is currently being prepared!


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A Brief Update from Your President

As you know we did not have our Annual Meeting in the spring.  The Executive has made appointments where vacancies occurred - welcome Jeremy Fowley, as Member at Large, to the Executive.

As for events normally scheduled during the fall, please watch for updates on our website and in the fall newsletter.  Presidents will be getting a provincial update on fall events August 20th.  Our local Executive will be meeting in early September to review plans for the fall. Information will be communicated by way of our website and the fall Applepress.

Provincial committees will be meeting virtually in the fall and the RTO-ERO Annual Meeting will be held virtually on October 20. 

The challenging times continue!  Stay safe and I look forward to the day we are able to get together in person.




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For anyone who

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* wishes to learn about retirement planning

* wants a workshop tailored to the education community

A  listing for all retirement planning workshops can be found here:


Pick the date and time that works for you, regardless of which district you will choose to retire to.

Start thinking about retirement now, so you’ll be prepared when the time comes!

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