RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

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See below for details and photographs related to our recent donations to local food banks!


Click here to access the memorandum from Rich Prophet (Chair of the Board) about RTOERO Elections and Appointments 2022.


A new study has been released about the “Opioid Crisis” and our seniors!

To download and read the study, simply click on the following link:

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Addressing the Invisible and Older Faces of Canada’s Opioids Crisis”


We are eagerly awaiting being transitioned to our new website platform!


Our October 28, 2021 Executive Meeting Minutes via ZOOM are posted under the Executive, Luncheon & AGM Meetings tab found above!


Our Fall 2021 Applepress is posted under the Applepress tab found above!


District 30's President, Mark Fallis, can be emailed at president30@districts.rtoero.ca.

RTOERO District 30 – Northumberland recently reached out to financially support both Cornerstone and Food 4 All.


“We were thrilled to receive a Community Grant from the Retired Teachers of Ontario,” says Cornerstone Executive Director, Nancy Johnston. “Grants like these are essential in helping Cornerstone recover from the pandemic and accommodate the needs of the many women and children who need our support each year.”


The Retired Teachers of Ontario, RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland, donated $2500 to Food 4 All, which supplies food and necessities to organizations, food banks and groups throughout Northumberland.




Are you thinking of retiring? We have Retirement Planning Workshops- Virtual Webinars planned for you!

For anyone who

* works in schools and school boards, early years, post-secondary

* wishes to learn about retirement planning

* wants a workshop tailored to the education community

A  listing for all retirement planning workshops can be found here:


Pick the date and time that works for you, regardless of which district you will choose to retire to.

Start thinking about retirement now, so you’ll be prepared when the time comes!

Join Us

Join our local group and optionally the largest insurance provider for retired educators in Canada. We serve the local community as well as our members.

Group Insurance Plans

The link below takes you to the Provincial RTO/ERO site.
Affordable coverage
that gives you the peace of mind you need.




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Find our about our bursaries for Students! Learn how we advocate for Seniors through our Political Action Group! Learn how retired education workers are served by RTO/ERO.

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