RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

RTOERO District 30 - Northumberland

Non-Partisan Status


It is important to note that RTOERO does not support specific political parties and never endorses specific candidates.


Questions for candidates about geriatric health care

  • How will you meet the care needs of seniors, in hospital and in the community?

  • How will you make sure that geriatric training is mandatory across health care?

  • What are your public policy priorities to boost the overall well-being of seniors?

  • How will you improve long-term care?

  • How will you protect seniors from elder abuse?


Questions for candidates about seniors strategy

  • How do you propose to strengthen defined benefits pensions for Canadians?

  • What are you doing to support universal public pharmacare?

  • How will you improve access to the services/supports that help seniors to live independently and age in place?

  • What steps will you take to support a UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons?


Questions for candidates about environmental stewardship

  • How will you eliminate single-use plastics?

  • How will you increase recycling and reduce waste?

  • What sustainable transportation policies do you support?

  • How will you protect our freshwater?

  • What steps will you take to solve the drinking water crisis in First Nations communities?


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Our June 10, 2021 Executive Meeting Minutes via ZOOM are posted under the Executive, Luncheon & AGM Meetings tab found above!


Our Spring 2021 Applepress is posted under the Applepress tab found above!


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District 30's President, Mark Fallis, can be emailed at president30@districts.rtoero.ca.


Are you thinking of retiring? We have Retirement Planning Workshops- Virtual Webinars planned for you!

For anyone who

* works in schools and school boards, early years, post-secondary

* wishes to learn about retirement planning

* wants a workshop tailored to the education community

A  listing for all retirement planning workshops can be found here:


Pick the date and time that works for you, regardless of which district you will choose to retire to.

Start thinking about retirement now, so you’ll be prepared when the time comes!

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